The Asus ROG Ally is certain to be present in Indonesia in the near future

Good news for those of you who really have plans to be able to buy the Asus ROG Ally because there are leaks from the official Asus ROG Indonesia Instagram account. Asus ROG Ally will certainly be present in Indonesia in the near future.

Asus announced that they will also open pre-orders for ROG Ally on June 27, 2023. “Starting June 27, 2023 at the ASUS Online Store, you can immediately pre-order this portable gaming console,” wrote the Asus ROG Indonesia account, as quoted Tuesday (30/5/2023).

Apart from the official announcement about the Asus ROG Ally in Indonesia, Asus has not disclosed when this device will be widely available on the market and will reach the hands of the buyer.

The presence of the Asus ROG Ally in Indonesia has long been known. Most recently, this gaming console has also been featured on the SDPPI e-certification site of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo).

The news of Asus ROG Ally’s entry into Indonesia could be a breath of fresh air for gamers in this country, considering that until now there has been no news that Steam Deck will be available through official distribution channels in Indonesia.

Apart from that, Asus ROG also revealed an “official price leak” for this handheld gaming console in Indonesia.

Prices for Asus ROG Ally in Indonesia

The following is a price leak for the Asus ROG Ally in Indonesia. However, it is not known whether at the time of release the price will be the same or different, so the official price announcement is worth the wait.

ROG Ally Z1 Extreme 16GB 512G: IDR 11,299,000
ROG Ally Z1 16GB 512G: IDR 10,099,000

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